Palestinian Envoy to Nigeria calls for pressure to stop planned IDF expanded operations in Rafah

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The Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Abdullah Abu Shawesh has called for more calls from the international community to stop planned IDF’s expanded operations in Rafa.S

hawesh, made this known in a press statement in Abuja, said the operations would lead to more casualties, particularly children.

The envoy, who expressed empathy with families of kidnapped students and other in the Northern part of Nigeria, said the news amplified his sadness.

“Happy Ramadan.I would like to start by expressing my deep sympathy and empathy for the families of the kidnapped students and others in the north.

“Hearing this type of news deeply moves me and adds to my own sadness. Humanity is undividable.

“The Israeli Jewish society are degrading to more radicalism and extremism, while the entire world stands against the invasion of Rafah.

“A new poll finds that around three-quarters of Jewish Israelis support an expansion of IDF operations in Gaza’s southernmost city of Rafah, where more than half of the Strip’s 2.3 million people are sheltering in the area amid the ongoing war”

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“The number of children reported killed in just over 4 months in Gaza is higher than the number of children killed in 4 years of wars around the world combined.

“This war is a war on children. It is a war on their childhood and their future.”

While quoting Philippe Lazzarini UNRWA Commissioner General, he said “the death toll among infant children in Gaza due to malnutrition and drought has risen to 23.

“These are only the ones who reached the hospitals and medical units; others may have died at home and not been registered.”

On Gazan prisoners, Shawesh said “there is no information available due to Israel’s refusal to provide any information.”

“The Israeli occupation spares no effort to kill the Palestinian people and has invented new ways to do so.

“One of these methods is preventing the entry of life-saving medical supplies.

“The UNRWA Commissioner General, Philippe Lazzarini, wrote on his Twitter account and I quote, “Medical scissors are now added to a long list of banned items the Israeli Authorities classify as “for dual use”.

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“The list includes basic and lifesaving items: from anesthetics, solar lights, oxygen cylinders and ventilators, to water cleaning tablets, cancer medicines and maternity kits.”

“Regarding the airdrops of aid to starving Palestinians, “Several Palestinians were killed earlier this week when one of the parachutes carrying such aid didn’t open properly and landed on civilians at high speed.”

“The airdrop of humanitarian aid by the United States of America to the people of Gaza is not a result of a sudden surge of human feeling or a newfound awakening of consciences.”

The ambassador further said, “the UNSG met with some Palestinian survivors.

He tweeted, “I was deeply moved by the horrifying testimonies I heard of family members of victims of the war in Gaza today.

“Some lost over a hundred relatives. This horror must stop now.”

Shewesh also said, “The UN special rapporteur on the OPT, Francesca Albanese stresses that the “arm embargo and economic sanctions on Israel are the only way to stop the genocide in Gaza.”

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“On March 6, Israel greenlit the advancement plan for 3426 new Israeli homes to be built on the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

“The EU condemns this Israeli move and urged Israel to reverse its decision, reiterating its position that the settlements are illegal under international law and constitute an obstacle to peace, as they threaten the two-state solution.

“The EU’s position is good but not sufficient.

“The EU and the international community still has a lot of peaceful, legal, and diplomatic tools to pressure Israel not only to put an end to the expansion of settlements but also to dismantle them as a real and tangible step towards the embodiment of the state of Palestine.

“Continuing with business as usual will not be helpful at all; Israel is accustomed to hearing these positions and does not pay them any attention.”


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