ECOWAS hails Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone over peaceful elections

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The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has hailed Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone the peaceful resolution of electoral disputes.

This is contained in a communiqué read by Dr Omar Touray, ECOWAS Commission President, at the end of the 64th Session of the ECOWAS Authority of Heads of State and Government, in Abuja.

The president further commends efforts being made by member states and the ECOWAS Commission towards the consolidation of democracy, peace, security and stability in the region.

“The authority encourages the leaders and citizens of Liberia to continue to promote social cohesion. It urges the commission to accompany Liberia in these efforts,”he said.

He, however, regretted the continued challenge of insecurity and instability in the region, which he said brought about terrorism, violent extremism and unconstitutional change of government.

“The authority reaffirms its commitment to the promotion of peace, democracy and good governance and urges member states to uphold the tenets of the ECOWAS protocols relating to the mechanism for conflict prevention, management, resolution, peacekeeping and security as well as the Supplementary Protocol on democracy and good governance.”

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“It also directs the commission to make actionable recommendations on increasing the transparency and credibility of elections and the promotion of inclusive development and accountable governance.

“The authority further instructs the commission to intensify consultation with member states in order to finalise and present for adoption, the draft revised Supplementary Protocol on democracy and good governance.

“The authority directs the commission to embark on deep reflection. Explore the power and possibility of an extra ordinary summit on unconstitutional change of government.”

He further said, “on the Gambia, the authority urges the government and stakeholders to expedite the adoption of the new constitution ahead of the 2026 general elections.’’

He also said that the authority was keeping tabs on the Feb. 25, 2024 presidential election in Senegal and called on government and stakeholders to continue to prioritise transparency.

“The authority urges all stakeholders to ensure strict adherence to constitutional norms, ECOWAS protocols and the rule of law in the management of the electoral processes and other related matters to further strengthen the country’s democratic culture.”

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The president also said, “the authority commended the action of the loyal members of the security forces of Guinea Bissau and expresses its full solidarity with the people and the constitutional authority of Guinea Bissau.

“The authority, therefore, calls for the full respect of the national constitution and a transparent investigation into the various events in accordance with the law and with a view to ensuring the quick restoration of all national institutions.

“The authority directs the commission to support Guinea Bissau in the consolidation of democracy, peace and stability, including through the completion of the on-going review of the constitution and the urgent defence and security sector reform.”


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