Customs generates N1.3trn in first quarter 2024

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The Comptroller-General of Customs, Wale Adeniyi, says a total of N1.3trillion revenue was collected within the first quarter, 2024.

He made this known at a news conference on the service’s 2024 first quarter performance in Abuja.

He said the collection for the first quarter represented an increase of 122.35 per cent, compared to the same period in 2023, where N606billion was realised.

While giving a month-by-month analysis, the customs boss said in January, revenue collection surged by 95.60 per cent, reaching N390billion from N199billion recorded in January 2023.

He said the upward trend continued in February, with a 138.68 per cent growth, adding that revenue collection rose to N450billion from N188billion in February 2023.

Adeniyi further said that by March, the revenue collected grew by 132.76 per cent, from N217billion to N506billion.

“When compared to the Federal government’s annual revenue target of N5.07 trillion for the NCS to collect in 2024, the target translates to a monthly revenue target of N423 billion.

“We are pleased to report an average monthly revenue growth of 6.2 per cent over the set monthly target and a cumulative revenue collection of 18.6 per cent, equivalent to N78,675,608,972.75 over the set quarterly target of NGN 1.269 trillion,”he said.

On anti-smuggling drive, Adeniyi said a total of 572 seizures, comprising of items valued at N10.6 billion in Duty Paid Value (DPV), were made within the period under review.

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He said January saw 111 seizures amounting to “N842,992,751.50 in DPV, while February marked the highest seizure of 432, totalling N3,704,703,350.34. ”

According to him, rice constitutes 39 per cent of the seizures, followed by petroleum products at 26 per cent, with motor vehicles and textiles accounting for 9 percent and 6 per cent of the seizures.

He said within the period, 22 suspects were destained, adding that appropriate legal measures would be taken in accordance with the Nigeria Customs Service Act 2023.

On trade facilitation, the customs boss said it remained a central focus of the service’s operations.

“Despite inherent challenges, we have diligently worked towards streamlining processes, minimising bottlenecks, and optimising efficiency across our ports to ensure seamless trade transactions.

“In First Quarter 2024, the NCS processed a total of 311,492 Single Goods Declarations (SGDs) for imports, reflecting the volume of import transactions handled.

“This figure indicates a decrease compared to the total volume of 327,491 processed in 2023 and 403,233 SGDs in 2022.

“Regarding export transactions, a total of 10,786 SGDs were processed in 2024 compared to 9,752 transactions in 2023, representing a 10.60 per cent growth in export activities.

“Notably, a significant portion of this growth occurred in January, with 4,067 transactions processed in 2024 compared to 3,352 SGDs in 2023, marking a 29.69 per cent increase.”

He further said, “the service is particularly interested in the growth of the non-oil export sector, aligning with priorities of the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu led administration and the initiatives pursued by NCS in recent times.”

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On the key drivers to the success so far recorded, the customs boss said a lot of factors were responsible.

He said, one of the key factors was the dedication and efforts of the officers and men of the service, adding that they worked tirelessly to ensure *consistent and upward momentum.

“NCS officers have played a key role in driving the implementation of initiatives, as evidenced by our performance across the three core statutory responsibilities set by the government.

“Among these initiatives is the introduction of the E-auction generating a total revenue of N1.6 billion in February and March,”he said.

The customs boss said, stakeholders from both private and public sectors were equally instrumental to the service’s successes.

According to him, their commitment and enthusiasm toward the service’s objectives have been commendable.

He said their commitment, particularly in the adherence to terms of various Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) during bilateral engagements and larger forums like the National Trade Facilitation Committee was commendable.

“Additionally, significant commitments were documented at the last Comptroller-General of Customs (CGC’s) Conference, notably enshrined in the Lagos Continental Declaration.”

On the 90-day window to owners of uncustomed vehicles, Adeniyi called on Nigerians to avail themselves of the opportunity to regularise their papers, adding that failure to do so would result in penalties.

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“Additionally, government’s decision to reopen Northern borders with Niger Republic holds significant importance.

“This action is expected to boost trading activities in those areas.

“With potential smugglers now reconsidering the legitimacy of trading through approved routes, this decision stands as a pivotal move.”

Adeniyi said, the service was committed to supporting actualisation of the 8-point agenda of the current administration.

“On challenges faced within the period under review, the customs boss said they included non-compliance, infrastructure limitations, fluctuation in exchange rates applied in the customs clearance of consignments posed considerable difficulties among others.

Adeniyi said in spite of the challenges, the service was steadfast in prioritising transparency and accountability in all its operations.

” I want to draw public’s attention to recent attacks on some of our officers and relevant provisions of the Nigeria Customs Service Act.

“Section 239 imposes penalties for armed or bodily assault of an officer, including threats or any form of aggression,” he said.

He urged the public to conduct their businesses with officers in a cordial and mutually respectful manner, adding that officers had been cautioned to uphold professionalism and restraint in their interactions.

On the task ahead, Adeniyi said the integration of geospatial technology alongside the utilisation of satellite imagery would combat smuggling among others.

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