Why my Foundation gives free education to less privileged children-Oputa

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The President and Founder, Gregory Oputa International Foundation, Dr Gregory Oputa, says the foundation offers free education to less privileged children as part of efforts to better their lives.

He said the foundation was committed to its vision, adding that part of it was to ensure that less privileged Nigerian children were at par with their contemporaries. Oputa said the Foundation was divinely instructed and led by God to establish the Arco Memorial Free School in Aboh Kingdom, Ndokwa East Local Government Area of Delta State.

He said some of the free services offered by the foundation were bus services, uniform, sandals, books, feeding, among others.

“The Gregory Oputa International Foundation is always led by God before we do anything to add value to society.

“Our school, Arco Memorial Free School is absolutely free but of international standard, where tuition, uniform, sandals, books, feeding, and school bus services are all free.

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“Before the end of 2024, we shall have the secondary school which will also be free. “The goal is to get our own higher institution and it will be free of charge. On the cost of running the school, he said it was huge.

“For us we are being led, and it is not cheap but to maintain international standard and when necessity is laid upon a man to do something, it is for God’s blessing.

“Some of these children might not have the time to formally relate with us but God sees and knows about what we are doing.

“The cost is huge but I would like to keep the cost private but it is really high but we are equal to the task, and with God on our side we are unstoppable.”

He said plans were underway to replicate the same school in other local government areas and the entire country.

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“We also have plans to replicate the same in other communities and local government areas in order to add value to the lives of the less privileged.

“That is our goal as the Lord leads and blesses us to replicate it everywhere.”

He called on wealthy Nigerians to sacrifice and transform the lives of less privileged Nigerians.

“I appeal to meaningful Nigerians in the country and in the diaspora who are highly placed.

“I appeal to businessmen and businesswomen to do the same for the people who are downtrodden so they can also go to school and become successful as well.

“It is not all about the government doing everything alone but it is you and me because the government cannot do everything.

“Your billions of Naira sitting in your account doing nothing can be used to transform the lives of these people.

“It is not enough to do it for your family members but those whom you do not know and God blesses you more for that”, he said.

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He also pointed out that due to the current hardship Nigerians were grappling with survival and not able to meet up payment of school fees and other levies.

Oputa appealed to owners of private schools across the country to reduce tuition and other levies.

“My appeal to private schools is to be reasonable with their fees.

“I know every investment in business has an overhead to take care of but even at that they should be considerate and reasonable.

“This is because some of these students do not have the means of livelihood and some of their parents cannot afford it due to the predicament and state of our country.

“My appeal to them is to subsidise and make it affordable for the students,” he said.

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