Customs conducts nationwide exam to promote transparency

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Customs conducts nationwide exam to promote transparency

The Nigeria Customs Service has conducted a nationwide promotion examination for its officers and men.

The Acting Comptroller General of Customs, Wale Adeniyi said promotion examination was essential to regenerating the service while ensuring that those who were deserving of various positions were elevated.

“We had some pep talks with them to help them believe in the system and understand all the efforts that we have made to ensure that there is a lot of integrity in the process.

We want them to know that promotion is now based on performance and not who you know.

“The report I got regarding the level of preparation attests to the fact that we are now reconciling ourselves to that reality;

It is about what you know, how capable you are and how you can demonstrate the knowledge of the job.

“So that is what should come out, and that is what we count for each of these officers writing the exams,” Adeniyi explained.

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An Assistant Comptroller of Customs, Odedeji Babajide, said the promotion would serve as an incentive to spur officers to perform better..

“Anyone granted the privilege of leadership should definitely know that to whom much is given, much is expected.

“That means we should put in more than we have been doing to make sure that the service is improved.

“We must ensure that there is value addition,” he said.

A Deputy Comptroller, Oluremi Omisere, said officers who gained promotion must ensure that the key primary role of customs, which was trade facilitation and border security, must be carried out judiciously.

“Officers must ensure that revenue targets set by the government were met, while leakages in revenue were been controlled,” she said.

A Deputy Comptroller, Hussein Ejibunu said, “there is a lot of transparency in it.

“My expectation is high and I hope to climb higher because to whom much is given much is expected.

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A Deputy Comptroller of Customs Idris Abba-Aji said, “we give others the lead to follow.

“The examination was conducted with world-class standards.

“With the trend of development globally and the training we get, we will be able to withstand every challenge,”he said.

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